The hurdle to get into the noble profession of teaching

Teaching a major professions in our country and is also considered as a reputed profession. People under that cloud of knowledge always excel in the field as the field of teaching is vast. Vast as in the stretch of field is growing and students are always in hunger of learning and growing. There are different and unique subjects that cover a lot of untold and unique topics in every subject.

UGC NET gives the people of the country a license to become a professor at colleges and other equally important institute. People can do their PhD in whatever course they want to pursue. If anyone wants to get into LPU university then he/she can give LPU NEST 2018 Exam.

The exam being a reputed one and covering a lot of subjects makes it difficult to break through. This sort of hardship gave Rita the eagerness to understand the process of UGC NET.

Rita became a teacher at a reputed Government Engineering College, it gave her a sort of platform where she explored her skills regarding her Job. She was impeccable at her work that gave her excellence medal at her job.

Being at LPU, she cracked LPUNEST for pursuing B.A in English Literature. That test gave her scholarship with respect to her field of study. She being an intellect had an interest in English Literature. She had her own thoughts regarding the prose, poems, plays and other works of literature.

She had her plan regarding UGC NET, which led made it transparent regarding what she wanted to pursue. She wanted to become a lecturer at a college. She hacked her mind to make herself understand the facts and tricks to crack UGC NET.

B.A gave her a clear idea about pursuing M.A in same subject, the reason being her intense interest in English literature. M.A became next level of platform for her interest. In her final year she excelled in subjects that were given examples of.

LPU also gave her the exposure that she needed and excelling in different subjects was something unique for her. Doing M.A at LPU under the LPUNEST was a cake walk for her.

Passing through all the levels of exams and tests, she aimed towards only one thing UGC NET.

JRF AND SRF was a hard nut to crack, but she got though it and secured a fellowship that was something of a greater achievement. The level of knowledge she has was always to give. She believed in that concept of sharing and giving that she learnt from the books of literature.

The concepts of literature she learnt she applied in her teachings. The concept of teaching made her another level of philosopher. She imbibed many ways to make the process of learning fun and interesting. The process was appreciated and loved so much, the concepts of English teaching were talked about.

UGC NET 2018 and the scholarship with JRF and SRF were a talked about point in the newspaper. Now that she is being teaching for 3 years and is in Switzerland where she went ahead to work under many professionals in English Literature. There was always a sense of learning from her which resonated in her students and they went ahead to make good with their lives.


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