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Check HTET Answer Key of  December (23.12.2017) Examination/ HTET TGT, PRT & PGT Code A, B, C, D,E OMR Sheet Paper Solutions of Level 1, 2 and 3 at

Haryana Board of School Examination had fixed the HTET Exam on 23.12.2017 for PGT Level in Evening Shift, from which about 7,624 candidates are appeared in Jind District only.  You know very well that this exam hold for obtaining a Teacher Eligibility Certificate which help to those who apply for Govt. as well as Private jobs in Haryana Education/ Schools.  Few months ago HBSE, Bhiwani had published HTET Notification for December Examination. Now the HTET OMR Sheet of Level 1, 2 and 3 Answer Key will be upload here today on 09.01.2018 few minutes later.

HTET PGT Exam Schedule at a glance -

  • LEVEL III (PGT Teacher) - 03:00 to 05:30 PM.

HTET Answer Key

In these examination syllabus was fixed by the Bhiwani Board and questions asked in all papers accordingly.  OMR Sheets were provided before 10 minutes before.  In Level First only 5 portions and in Level Third, three parts were common. So aspirants please keep in touch of this page for HTET PGT Answer Key and as well as PGT Answer Key of  English, Math, Social Studies, Punjabi, Home Science, Urdu, Physical Education, History, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Political Science, Public Administration like all 23 subjects. Answer Key of HTET PGT Papers of all sets such as A, B, C, D were revealed here by some coaching centres experts.

How to Check HTET Answer Key

  • Visit to official website
  • Then "Read the Answer Key Notice of HTET PGT LEVEL - I, II & III -- December 2017".
  • Download PDF file of HTET PGT Paper.
  • Select your Paper Code i.e. A, B, C, D, E etc.
  • Click on that and check your solutions.
  • And fill your objection if any prior to schedule (within 7 days ).

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Till the preparation of HTET 2017 Official Answer Key of PGT Level 3 our master mind are providing your unofficial exam solutions, So keep in touch.

HTET JBT/PRT English Answer Key- (Old Stuff)

Q. Which word of the given words is an adjective ?

Ans. Intelligent

Q. Th synonym of "Courteous" is

Ans. Polite

Q. Complete the sentence with the correct option:

Ans. " My brother goes for a walk daily.  He walks very fast.

Q. Identify the word which has a different sound

Ans. High

Q. He said to Mohan," Help me, please."

Ans. He requested Mohan to help him.

Q. When we choose friends, we don't pay attention to

Ans. goodwill or equality

Q. We become jealous of ------

Ans. we feel threatened by their success

Q. We attach more importance ------

Ans. of their higher financial status

Q. A fat woman who has not-----

Ans. her friendship status has suddenly gone -----own status.

Q. We feel comfortable in the company of friends who

Ans. are of similar or a little lower social standing.

Q. We wish to eb re-evaluated when

Ans our status is better off

Q. The word 'arrogant' in the passage---

Ans. Proud and unpleasant

Q. In making classroom teaching effective, -----

Ans. Teaching method

Q. The word opposite in---- innocent is

Ans. clever

Q. Choose the correct-------jumbled words

Ans. Do you study art?

Q. Choose the word which--------

Ans. Chemistry

Q. The Montessori -------

Ans. the child

Q. Fill in the blank with----------

Ans. had left

Q. ' Heena and Teena own a house..... house is beautifully built.

Ans. Their

Q. 'Kavita is a beautiful girl.'

Ans. Adjective.

Q. Choose the appropriate preposition for the blank.

I shall come back ---- 7 O'clock.'

Ans. at

Q. The word ' Kindergarten ' is a German word meaning

Ans. Children's Garden

Q. According to you, how can--------

Ans. By giving practice in context

Q. Choose the appropriate --------

Ans. the

Q. During the British rule----------

Ans. Macaulay

Q. Choose the most ------ " There is hardly-----"

Ans. any

Q. Fill in blank with the correct ---(I Paid the ----)

Ans. receipt

HTET PRT Child Development & Pedagogy Old Answer Key

Q. Which of the following------ learning?

A. It has no relation with maturity.

Q. Which one is not ------------ development?

A. Post- operational stage

Q. What is not correct------ study method?

A. It is simple and cheap.

Q. Which of the ------   psychology?

A. Knowledge of various stages of child development

Q. Which of the following---- moral habit?

A. Correct pronunciation

Q. Which is not----- I.Q.?

A. Interest in Art

Q. In lower classes ------based on

A. Psychological principals of development and growth.

Q. Which of the ------extrovert personality?

A. Aggressive temper

Q. Which of ----- health of a child?

A. Feeling sleepy in the classroom.

Q. Which of the --------effect on learning?

A. Fatigue

Q. In which of the -------using psychology?

A. Preparation of textbooks.

Q. Why should students play games in school?

A. It will develop cooperation and physical balance.

Q. Which of the ------not correct?

A. Development and growth are synonyms.

Q. Which of the ------a child?

A. Thinking

Q. Which of the-----development of a child?

A. Economic Condition

Q. Training before normal----- generally.

A. beneficial or harmful depending on the method used in training.

Q. Which of the ------intellectual enviornment?

A. Environment of the School.

Q. Which of the -----class three?

A. Creational activities.

Q. Which of the ------speciality of attitude ?

A. It is temporary

Q. Teaching ----when

A. students take interest in the subjects

Q. Remedial method is used for

A. Problematic Children

Q. Education is helpful to children in their--

A. All -round development

Q. According to Piaget, ----a child learns best

A. By using senses

Q. Cognitive powers of a child-------related to child's

A. Mental development

Q. Where can the child's-----best way?

A. School and Classroom

Q. According to Kohlberg-------- fear of punishment is called.

A. Pre-moral stage

Q. Which of the following -----questionnaire method?

A. Views of many persons are obtained by this method.

Q. Which of the ----------about learning?

A. Learning is maturation

Q. A child applies the -------then it is called

A. Positive transfer for learning

Q. The childhood stage is --

A. From two year to the age of 10 or 12 years.

HTET PRT/ JBT Math Answer key (Previous Keys)

Q. Find the number of sides--------measure of 45

Ans. 8

Q. For a righ-angled triangle, ------side will be

Ans. 10 cm

Q. What will the mode of ------5,7,9------25?

Ans. 7

Q. Find m so that -----------(-3) m+1-------

Ans. 1

Q. The cost of 105 envelopes is Rs. -------for Rs. 10?

Ans. 30

Q. There are 100 students in a hostel--------join the hostel?

Ans. 16 days

Q. If Rs. 250 was divided ------Ram get?

Ans. Rs. 125

Q. Median of 18,35 -----will be

Ans. 21

Q. Find the smallest square------6,9 and 15.

Ans. 450

Q. The value of (1/60)-5/6

Ans. 32

Q. Rahul bought ----discount?

Ans. Rs. 80

Q. Sohan bought an old -------profit percent

Ans. 10% profit

Q. The area of a square and a rectangle are--------rectangle

Ans. 64 cm

Q. Find the cost of fencing a -------12 per metre

Ans. 10,200

Q. The value of 2 x a x 5 will be

Ans. 40 a7

Q. If 3p+ 7 =25---------

Ans. 6

Q. An item of printed price Rs. 840-------percentage?

Ans. 15%

Q. If Manohar pays an------interest

Ans. 8.33%

Q. If 2/3 part of any number ------

Ans. 60

Q. Solution of the linear equations---------

Ans. x=-2, y=5

Q. The area of a rhombus is 240------

Ans. 30 cm

Q. Find the least number which-----7 in each case

Ans. 151

Q. If x/y= 5/3, then----

Ans. 4

Q. The selling price of a toy car-------cost price of this toy?

Ans. 450

Q. The present age of Sameer's mother is three-------Sameer

Ans. 14 years.

Q. Find the cube root of 13824

Ans. 24

Q. The ration of two numbers is 3:4 and -----greater number is

Ans. 240

Q. The car that  I own can go 150 km-----petrol?

Ans. 180 km.

Q. Find the height of a cylinder-----968 cm2

Ans. 15 cm

Q. The sum of three times------find the number.

Ans. 7

HTET Level 1 Environment Studies Answer Keys (Old Paper Keys)

Q. Which of the following is not a protein rich diet?

Ans. Pure Ghee

Q. You do an activity involving--------exposed to?

Ans. Improvisation

Q. Natural resources includes

Ans. All of the above

Q. The male and female------other?

Ans. Koel

Q. In photosynthesis which------

Ans. Carbon dioxide

Q. Air pollution does not leads to

Ans. Gastro-intestinal diseases

Q. Among the following plants-----Tree?

Ans. Banyan

Q. Which of the following ocean-----Africa?

Ans. Indian Ocean

Q. The ultimate source -----earth is

Ans. Sun

Q. Indian peninsular region-----States

Ans. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

Q. EVS is an ----

Ans. Environmental Science and Social Studies.

Q. Select the odd one out

Ans. Natural Gas

Q. Which of the following -----food chain?

Ans. Planktons, fish, Whale

Q. Environmental studies aims at ---

Ans. All of the above.

Q. Insectivorous plants grow on ---

Ans. Nitrogen

Q. Which out of the following -----

Ans. Filtration

Q. Which out of the given options----

Ans. i, ii and iii

Q. Contaminated water can be----

Ans. all of the above

Q. Worker honey-bee convey the direction----

Ans. Dancing

Q. Which of the following --------source of energy?

Ans. Hydro energy

Q. Which of the following birds----------

Ans. Koel

Q. The chemical nature----

Ans. Protein

Q. By demonstrating spiny leaves a ------type of plants?

Ans. Xerophytic

Q. In rural area, cow dung is used---------

Ans. keep the insects away.

Q. Which irrigation practice leads to --------

Ans. Sprinkle

Q. Which of the following is ------our environment?

Ans. Afforestation

Q. Which of the ------do we eat?

Ans. Maize

Q. Which is not a natural disaster?

Ans. Short Circuit Fire

Q. World Environment Day is ----

Ans. June 5th

Q. Raman was gifted four kg amla------ need to adopt?

Ans. Preservation

HTET PRT Hindi Answer Key Code B (Q. 31 to 60 Old )

Ans. 31 Kanti

Ans. 32. Apvaya

Ans. 33. Dhatu

Ans. 34. Sarvanam Sambandhi

Ans. 35. Videhya

Ans. 36. Chandan

Ans. 37. Lohit Chandan Se

Ans. 38. All of the above.

Ans. 39. Nishash Bhav se arpan karne walo se

Ans.40. Parbhu ko chandan aur apne ko pani manne se

Ans. 41. Pujniya

Ans. 42. (1) Maht + tv

Ans. 43. Saral Vakya

Ans. 44. Saas

Ans. 45. Tatsam

Ans. 46. (3) Visarg (:)

Ans. 47. Istri Ka

Ans. 48. Bhavvachak Sangya

Ans. 49. Kritvachaya

Ans. 50. Parvar

Ans. 51. Satrot (Source)

Ans. 52. Sarvanamik Vishashan

Ans. 53. Garha-Vajra

Ans. 54. (3) Partishtith vyakti ki ninda karna

Ans. 55. Chamak

Ans. 56. Anahut

Ans. 57. (3) Avyibhava Samas

Ans. 58. Adhik (Maximum)

Ans. 59. Vadhu

Ans. 60. (3) Aho + Ratra

So candidates please work carried out from above answers, till the full solutions which will be provided here time to time.


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